The U4EU project aims to encourage the democratic and civic participation of young citizens in Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands by giving them a platform to express their views, concerns and vision for the European Union

U4EU seeks to promote the views of young people on the EU’s effectiveness in tackling key issues from inequality and inclusion to climate change and youth employment.

This project aims to foster dialogue between young people, civil society organisations, policymakers, academics and the general public.
The U4EU initiative wants to give an opportunity to young citizens around Europe to express their views and concerns about different issues related to the EU.

YEL and U4EU aims to reach young millennials and older Gen-Z (18-30) in Belgium. The key message for them is: Here’s your opportunity to speak about the fundamental social issues for the EU youth. Alongside EU decision makers, we want to reach young people and the general public.

U4EU is funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme.

YEL is calling for participants to be interviewed, highlighting ideas of diversity; European identity; and the future of the EU.

How can we collaborate ?

We are looking for partners in Belgium who can help us gather the views of young people aged 18-30 in Belgium from a diverse range of backgrounds. We are looking to conduct video interviews with 15-20 individuals on a range of topics, from the environment and job opportunities to identity and social justice. The final outcomes will be synthesized into videos that we will promote through media channels and at dedicated events.

Contact us!

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