Y7 delegates’ communiqué to the G7 leadership

Executive summary

We, the delegates of the 2020 Y7 Summit, during unprecedented times, convened virtually on June 3-5, 2020 with the support of the United States’ selecting organization, the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. United by our profound belief that the voice of the youth is an imperative contribution to the G7 decision-making process, we have deliberated, negotiated, and produced an
outcomes document on important topic areas and global challenges. We call on the G7 leaders and the international community to hear the youth voice and take these proposals into consideration as they develop and implement policies to meet the needs of their citizens, and to work together in creating a healthy, prosperous, sustainable and fair future for all.

We call on the G7 leaders to promote healthy global connectivity – interconnectivity and the consequent movement of information, goods, people, and capital – and global trade – the beneficial exchange of goods, services, and intellectual property rights across borders. The following recommendations aim to ensure equality of access, use, and opportunities for all citizens globally.

We call on the G7 leaders to build a sustainable future for our generation and the generations to come by reaffirming the commitments made to climate change. We ask that they prioritize green energy while adapting to the new economic realities of COVID-19. We call on them for a true and profound investment in energy of the future and securing energy availability, accessibility, and affordability for all.

We call on the G7 leaders to focus on challenges that will affect future generations such as climate security, cyber-attacks, democratic resilience, and human rights. This requires a proactive approach to peace and security, including building resilience, strengthening institutions, and working with states outside the G7 to promote peaceful and safe communities for all.

We call on the G7 leaders to realize that rights to education and work are essential to promoting respect for human dignity and creating transformative change for young people. We urgently need increased investment, partnership, and commitment to multilateralism to ensure youth have equal opportunities as well as the tools and resources they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

In addition to these recommendations, we make two additional statements in light of recent events. We call on the G7 leaders to make a stronger, more coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also call on the G7 leaders to publicly condemn and urgently address the violence, racism, marginalization, and police brutality against Black communities.

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