Young European Leadership seeks close partnership with other organizations and institutions from the public and private area.

If you would like to collaborate with YEL to support our mission to empower aspiring leaders in Europe and beyond please contact us. We are always interested in hearing from you. You can contact us at !

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89 Connect

89 Connect is the world’s first online platform dedicated to public policy professionals. Use its tools to advance your career and influence key policy debates.

89 Connect is powered by the 89 Initiative, the first pan-European think-do tank. Our aim is to reinvigorate the European project through new ideas and radical start-up solutions to its biggest problems. As such we aim to act as the beacon for the 89ers — a new generation of Europeans for a better Europe.

Bulle Media

Bulle Media is a European sound production agency. We produce information, knowledge and original creations podcasts about Europe. We are audio-specialists audio and work with premium quality technical means  (soundproof studios for sound recording, editing and mixing programs Pro Tools and Cool Edit, Digico console, Neumann and Shure Micro, Tascam DR-100 MK2) . We are experts on the European Union, based in Brussels (800 meters from the European Parliament) and accredited to the European Institutions. We can deliver turnkey products, in a process of active outsourcing: we are committed to marry your wishes to our vision. We are first and foremost producers, but we are also broadcasters (Bulle: the media) and trainers.


EU40 is the platform of young Pro-European Members of the European Parliament and of the 28 EU national parliaments. Our mission is to serve young Members under the age of 40 and strengthen their role inside the European Parliament. We do this by adding aesthetics, fun and fresh ideas to European politics thereby making it more palpable and accessible. We constantly try to reinvent what is overcome, by developing inspiring political narratives that we aim to weave through most policy areas relevant to the current political debate. EU40 understands itself as a disrupter, developing new political messaging and constantly creating synergies between essential political players and the industry.

Global Diplomatic Forum

The Global Diplomatic Forum (GDF) provides a direct channel of interaction among diverse diplomatic stakeholders around the world. We facilitate the global exchange of ideas and knowledge, building bridges for understanding and cooperation. We support and enhance the important efforts of the diplomatic community by providing objective research, analysis and reports, as well as hosting high-profile events and summits. Our values are rooted in respect for different opinions and ideas; we advocate tolerance and reject any form of discrimination. We aspire to provide an exemplary model of respect for different nationalities, gender, faith and race.

Moho 2044

Launching the D-Day of Positive Impact. MoHo is a coalition of changemakers solving the world’s greatest challenges. We come from startups, universities, and corporations. NGOs, public institutions, and research labs. We are entrepreneurs, leaders, and artists. Dreamers, organizers, and doers. Our community makes us stronger. Our diversity more impactful.

Moho has recently launched the 2044 initiative regrouping young leaders and organizations across Europe that will enable to listen, build and deliver on projects thought and executed by the Youth. What should be the priority?


The Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) is the first transeuropean research network in the field of European affairs. It consists of leading research institutes in the field of European affairs throughout Europe, with an office in Brussels. TEPSA is an international non-profit association under Belgian law (AISBL) and was established in 1974. Ever since then it has steadily increased its membership in response to the enlargement rounds of the European Union. Today TEPSA consists of 44 member institutes and associate members located in 37 European countries.

World Youth Academy

The World Youth Academy aims to provide participants with skills and in-depth knowledge in various policy fields through programs focused on five fundamental-principles: RESPECT, DIVERSITY, VISION, HOPE and ATTITUDE. We offer a forum for networking and academic exchange to raise cultural awareness and openness in accordance with these principles.

POLITICO’s EU Studies and Career Fair

POLITICO’s EU Studies and Career Fair is designed to provide qualified guidance and first-hand information to students and young professionals on the courses and job opportunities that will give them an extra edge in their professional development.​

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