The Y7 Summits are a premier international youth conferences that bring together young leaders representing the G7.

The Y7 Summits, formerly known as the G8 Youth Summits, are a premier international youth conferences that bring together young leaders representing the Group of Seven (G7). The Summits enable the young generation to put their concerns and solutions on the global agenda. The outcomes of the Summits are passed on to global policy makers to make the concerns and innovative solutions of young people heard. The schedule Youth Summits paralleled the one of the G7/G8.

Our current delegates representing the European Union to the Youth engagement groups of the G7 are coming from all over Europe, from diverse backgrounds and specialities. They are currently challenged by the change in agenda for the G7 due to the COVID19 pandemic and the need for a Global response. They nevertheless aim to give innovative answers to the different topics tackled by the G7 including the pandemic, such as Energy, Trade, Youth, Global Citizenship, Employment, Security & Defense. 

Y7 Summit 2021, hosted by the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

#MeetTheDelegates | Discover the EU delegates team:

Ariane Giraneza – At the age of 5, I came to Europe as a refugee after living in Rwanda, the DRC, Kenia and Tanzania. I’ve lived and gone to school in the Netherlands and  Belgium and even though  I’m Dutch by nationality, I like to call myself a “Neder-Belg”.

From a young age I was aware of  myself  and  my  background.  I  knew  that  the  world  was  far  bigger  and  diverse  than  my  immediate  surroundings.  That’s  why  I’ve  always  had  a  particular  interest  in  the  international  community  and  international decesion making. But I didn’t have my “European awakening” until my traineeship at the Belgian Embassy to the United States back in 2014.

I realized then, surrounded by Americans, that the European identity not only exists, but it is in fact part of my identity. I’m one of those rare souls that believes that politics and government can still be real drivers for positive change and my subsequent career reflects that.

I’ve worked as a parliamentary assistant in the Belgian federal parliament and got the opportunity to work on the campaign for the local elections in 2018 and the European elections in 2019. After the European elections I worked at the Dutch embassy in Brussels as a trade attaché for a year and a half, which I loved. Now I work as a policy advisor to Belgian Minister of Energy Tinne Van der Straeten on social energy policy and energy poverty.

Franka Weckner – Prior to joining the G7 Youth Summit (Y7), I gained practical experience in a variety of human-rights and technology related fields: I was a  fellow at the Humboldt Institut for Internet and Society, a Young Expert for the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, and delegate to the 5th AU-EU Youth Forum, where I contributed to developing detailed policy recommendations for the Council of the European Union and the African Union.

I also currently serve as delegate to the board of directors of the Youth Task Force of the Global Campaign for Education, an international coalition of NGOs including UNICEF and OXFAM. At Y7, I hope to contribute to solving the challenges that lie at the intersection of ethics and digitalisation and strive to substantively foster youth participation in international politics.

Michał Skręta – I am the Head Delegate and part of the Economy track. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, I am now pursuing my undergraduate studies at Stanford University in California. Prior to becoming a Y7 Delegate, I was a Youth Delegate of Poland to the United Nations in New York.

I am excited to elevate youth voices to the level of G7, and to contribute to promoting sustainable, open, and inclusive economies for the future generations

Zuzanna Mieloch – I’m finishing my Bachelors Degree in Public Health, with specialisation in administration and management. Next I want to pursue my master, and subsequently my career, in policy-making and economics of health.

My experience in international communities has taught me that one should always thrive for more: to be heard and let others do the same. 


Say hi to Ariane Giraneza, EU Y7 delegate regarding climate and environment 🌳 👏

She has exciting updates: Y7 have just finished their final and private day of their communiqué! After months of hard work – all policy proposals are finalised. We are so proud of them!

Next week – the delegates will have the public Y7 event. The theme of this year’s Y7 Summit is ‘Making Waves For Future Generations’ and we believe, the future really is in good hands 🙌


On Saturday, May 8th, the Y7 EU delegates had a session with policy experts and brainstormed on their final policy proposals.

On Sunday, May 9th the final negotiations were discussed and the delegates voted for the Y7 communiqué!

Please stay tuned for the final communique. There is a lot happening, and YEL are so proud to be sharing these exciting summits 👏

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