The Youth Engagement Group to the G20, more commonly known as Y20, has annual Summits that are a premier international youth conference that bring together young leaders from all the G20 countries.

Y20 Summit 2021, hosted by Italy 🇮🇹

#MeetTheDelegates | Discover the EU delegates team:

Julius Lajtha – From cleaning rivers in his home town in Austria at the age of 15, co-founding a local natural preservation organisation, hosting discussions and workshops around the question of climate and sustainable economies and societies, having served as Youth Rapporteur for the European Commission and being appointed an EU Climate Pact Ambassador – CLIMATE has been a priority in Julius´ personal, political and professional life since many years. Serving as the voice of EU youth on international climate policy at the G20 will be the chance to get those many ideas very closely to global leaders.

Barbora Bromová – Across several European countries, institutions and local as well as transnational NGOs, Barbora is active in multiple youth engagement initiatives. Currently, she studies at the University of Amsterdam, where she focuses on using insights from political science, psychology and economics to enrich her study of international and European law. She is a long-time UNICEF volunteer raising awareness to advance children’s rights, having founded her first Initiative in 2016 and continuing her involvement as part of the Dutch Student Volunteer Network. She is also a devoted advocate for human rights and independent journalism, contributing to the Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy as well as the European Press Prize. Her latest endeavor has brought her to the intersection of technology and law, igniting a passion for algorithmic justice as one of the defining issues our future.

Liam Cowley – Liam is the EU Y20 Delegate for Innovation, Digitalisation and the Future of Work. He is a history and political science graduate with a wide range of international political experiences. Liam has worked in the Irish Data Protection Commission, the Irish Parliament and the Consulate General of Ireland in Scotland. He has completed a traineeship in the Council of the EU and an internship in the United States Congress. Liam is keen to ensure that human rights and dignity are at the centre of Innovation, Digitalisation and the Future of Work.

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