Young European Leadership in the Press

Find below an overview of select press coverage of YEL, our events, and our participants. For press inquiries, please contact subject Press inquiry.

Date Publisher Title / Link
Published in 2016
5 / 2016 European Parliament And the 2016 Charlemagne Youth Prize goes to…
5 / 2016 European Parliament Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016: extracts from the Award ceremony in the presence of Martin SCHULZ, EP President
5 / 2016 Westdeutscher Rundfunk (German) (West German Broadcasting) Sieger Jugendkarlspreis
(Winner Charlemagne Youth Prize)
5 / 2016 Westdeutscher Rundfunk (German) (West German Broadcasting) Jugendkarlspreis geht an Flüchtlingsprojekt “InteGREAT”
(Charlemagne Youth Prize goes to refugee project “InteGREAT”)
5 / 2016 Aachener Zeitung (German) Jugendkarlspreis: Mut zu drängenden Fragen ausgezeichnet
(Charlemagne Youth Prize: Courage to pressing issues awarded)
5 / 2016 Europske Noviny (Slovak) Toto sú víťazi ceny Karola Veľkého pre mládež 2016!
(These are the winners of the Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016!)
5 / 2016 Belgischer Rundfunk (BRF) (Belgian Broadcasting) (German) Italien gewinnt Jugendkarlspreis mit Flüchtlings-Projekt
(Italy with Charlemagne Youth Prize with refugee project)
Published in 2015
11 / 2015 CaféBabel (English) Young European Council 2015: Say goodbye to old school politics
11 / 2015 CaféBabel (French) Conseil européen des Jeunes 2015 : place au renouveau en politique !
(Reprinted english version as most popular article of the months by CaféBabel)
10 / 2015 Politici de Sănătate Consiliul European al Tinerilor – Tinerii de azi, conducătorii de mâine
(Young European Council – Young people today, leaders tomorrow)
Published in 2014
11 / 2014 Europe&Me What is a University Degree for?
11 / 2014 UNITEE “Young people can do something. Their voices are to be heard” – Interview with YEL’s Tillmann Heidelk
11 / 2014 AM Report Young European Leadership je tu pre mladých
(Young European Leadership is there for young people) (Slovak)
10 / 2014 UNITEE Meet the European Leaders of tomorrow – Young European Council 2014 Report
10 / 2014 Europe & Me Voicing The Future: E&M At The Young European Council 2014
10 / 2014 Дневник Младежи от цяла Европа заеха местата на депутатите в Брюксел за седмица
(Young people from across Europe took their places of lawmakers in Brussels for a week) (Bulgarian)
10 / 2014 Huffington Post Les jeunes préparent les villes de demain
(Young people preparing tomorrow’s cities) (French)
10 / 2014 Молодежный Совет ЕС: честь Латвии защитила экс-журналистка «YOUNG.LV»
(Young European Council: Latvia represented by former YOUNG.LV journalist) (Latvian)
5 / 2014 Yale news Student Spotlight: Graduating senior Sophia Clementi to have a voice in international summit
3 / 2014 UNITEE UNITEE at “Youth European Leadership Workshops”
2 / 2014 Empowering the Youth of Today – Radoslav Šoth