The Delegation of the European Union at the Y20 Summit 2013

YEL is very proud to present the five delegates who will represent the young voices of the European Union at the Y20 Summit 2013 in Saint Petersburg. The delegates from Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, and Greece excelled in a very competitive selection process. Young European Leadership received applications from 23 European countries. In the coming days the delegates will start the international negotiations on International Monetary and Financial System – addressing regulations and reforms, and on Sustainable development – economic, social and environmental pillars.

More information concerning the the Y8 Summit 2013 and the delegations of the European Union will will follow shortly. The press secretary of the European Union, Patrick Held, will keep you up-to-date!

Introduction of Patrick Held, the Press Secretary of the Y8 Delegation of the European Union to the Y8 Summit 2013 in London.

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