YEL wins European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016

The three winners European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016
The three winners European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016 with Hans-Gert Pöttering (Former President of the European Parliament), Marcel Philipp (Mayor of the City of Aachen), Michael Jansen (Chairman of the Charlemagne Prize Foundation), and Martin Schulz (President of the European Parliament).
Young European Leadership’s project, the Young European Council, won the European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016 as the third best project in the European Union to promote European integration and to “foster understanding, promote the development of a shared sense of European identity, and offer practical examples of Europeans living together as one community”. The Prize is awarded by the European Parliament in cooperation with the International Charlemagne Foundation.

At the Young European Council young people come together to derive innovative yet realistic solutions to the major challenges of our time. Directly connecting young leaders with experienced decision makers gives young people the strong voice they deserve for them to build Europe’s future. In his laudatory speech, the major of Aachen acknowledged the innovative approach of the project.

Tillmann Heidelk Kevin Mendeszoon Khouloud Jabloun European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016
Tillmann Heidelk (President YEL), Kevin Mendeszoon and Khouloud Jabloun (Project Leaders YEC '15) at European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016.
For the ceremony, the best project from each European Union Member State were invited to Aachen. The Young European Council participated as the representative of the United Kingdom. At the Prize ceremony Young European Leadership was represented by President Tillmann Heidelk. He elaborated: “The team behind the project comes from all over Europe. So it is a truly European project. So we had to chose a country where to introduce the project and we picked the United Kingdom to send a strong signal that the UK is part of Europe, part of the European Union.

The Young European Council 2016 takes place in November 2016. Applications will open in late May. To stay informed, please sign up to YEL’s Newsletter and / or follow us on social media. Yel @ Nesletter Yel @ LinkedIn Yel @ Facebook Yel @ Twitter Yel @ Flickr Yel @ YouTube

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