The YEL Society

The Young European Leadership Society (YEL Society) was a project to provide a channel for students and (young) professionals who are interested in European and global politics. The idea of the YEL Society was rooted in the firm belief that young adults must be given the chance to create and design the world they and future generations will live in. The project had its beginning in 2013 by supporting the delegations of the European Union to the Y8 and Y20 Summits as Special Advisers and formulating policy recommendations for the G8 / G20 members. In 2014 project participants organized and joined two virtual debates and compiled a booklet presenting different points of view on eurosceptisism.

Virtual Debates

The virtual debates focussed on current issues on the EU, its role, and future. The debates featured a number of participants from a variety of different countries (EU countries for the first debate and non-EU countries for the second one) who all held different views on the discussed subjects. Our participants featured successful young people such as the Vice-Chair of ESN’s ICE committee and the representative of the Romanian Conservative Party in the UK.

The first debate mainly focused on pressing internal issues such as the rise of Eurosceptic parties. Other topics included federalism and EU enlargement. The second debate was instead focused on a international perspective on the EU. Topics such as the EU’s foreign policy, the Ukrainian crisis, International cooperation and the legitimacy of Juncker as President of the EC were presented to non-EU participants.

Virtual Debate April 27, 2014

Virtual Debate June 07, 2014
Eurosceptisism (international edition)