Positions Young European Council 2017

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If you are ambitious and determined to help shape the future of the European Union, we would love you to be part of the Young European Council 2017! We are looking for young people with diverse backgrounds who want to create actionable policy making and have their voices heard. As part of the YEC17, we have a number of roles we encourage you to apply for. An overview of all open positions is available at younglead.eu/yec/openpositions.

Council Delegate

As a delegate in one of the YEC’s councils, you will work with your fellow delegates to provide actionable and innovative policy input on current EU projects. During the YEC 17 you will represent the country of your nationality or residence. However, as the YEC is not a simulation, your input is your own opinions and perspectives and not necessarily representative of your home country’s position on issues.

As a delegate, you are responsible for conducting research into your Council’s topics and working to put forward actionable proposals prior to the start of the YEC17. During the week, negotiation sessions will be held to create the Final Communiqué, which will then be disseminated to EU policy makers.

Council Chair

As with the European Council, the Chair at the YEC acts as a head delegate for the Council. A YEC Chair is not impartial; rather, the Chair takes a leading role in steering the direction of the Council towards innovative and actionable policy recommendations, ultimately produced in the Final Communiqué. The Chair remains responsible for mediating negotiations in a fair and representative way, so that the final product is the work of all involved and reached via consensus.

Chairing a YEC Council is a challenging but invaluable experience, requiring skills in people management, communication and organisation. To apply to be a Chair, complete a Council Delegate Application and express your interest when asked.

Media Delegate

As a media delegate for the YEC, you are responsible for covering the conference to the outside world. You will be important in shaping how the discussions, negotiations and experience are communicated across a variety of media channels. The content you produce may range from conference updates, interviews with delegates, advisors and experts, covering council topics and speakers.

We have three different kinds of media delegate positions available: Social Media, Press and Media Production.

  • As a Social Media Delegate, you will be responsible for updating the YEL social media accounts, producing and coordinating content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Storify in real time.
  • As a Press Delegate, you will be responsible for producing long-form pieces and articles about the conference and the negotiations, and interviewing fellow delegates and experts.
  • As a Media Production Delegate, you will be responsible for any graphic and video content that is distributed across the YEL channels, taking pictures of the conference, and – together with Press delegates and YEL Staff – conducting interviews will delegates, speakers, advisors and experts.

The different positions are meant to highlights individual skills and expertises, but each Media Delegate’s responsibilities will not be limited to a single position. The whole Media team will be working together under the supervision of the Head of Communications for the Young European Council to ensure all media aspects are covered both in the pre-event phase and throughout the duration of the conference.

Some technical equipment will be provided. However, please be aware that you are expected to bring your own laptop and other relevant additional accessories (e.g. a digital camera) that you may have.

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