The European Defence Industry Summit – 6th December 2018 – Brussels, Belgium

Are you a young professional working in the area of Defence and Security, or in the Defence Industry? Are you interested in meeting up with European, International leaders and high level professionals of the Defence Industry see the list of speakers here)? Then you should definitely apply to be part of the delegation to the European Defence Industry Summit 2018.

This year, YEL is extending its partnership with the European Business Summit, and is inviting you to participate at the European Defence Industry Summit 2018. Join the YEL delegation for the second edition of the European Defence Industry Summit, a 1-day event that will be full of high level panels and debates on a diverse range of topics such as: the future development and improvement of different EU defence mechanisms, international cooperation with non-EU actors and the role of SMEs in defence procurement.

YEL Delegation EDS

With the topic of European defence as high on the EU agenda as ever, and Emmanuel Macron’s vision of a European Army, now is the best time to stimulate further discussion on how to make defence cooperation among the Member States successful. The symbolic 3C’s – Cash, Capability and Cooperation – are the keywords for European Defence in 2019, and should therefore be food for thoughts before and during the Summit.


  • Be in the last year of graduate studies, or being a young professional
  • Have sufficient knowledge into the field of Defence and Security
  • Minimum of 20 years old

Do not hesitate to apply here if you wish to attend this high level event as a YEL delegate. We are looking forward to assessing your application.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Sunday 25th of November 2018 – 20:00 CEST Brussels time