Smart City Expo and World Congress

Smart City Expo & World Congress is a meeting point for companies, administration, entrepreneur and researching centers working for the development of future cities: how to take advantage of what they offer, how to manage them. It is predicted that by 2050, over 75% of population will live in the cities. During the conference following issues will be discussed: energy and sustainability, mobility and transport, environment and recycling, ICT and research, urban planning and cities.

About the Smart City Expo and World Congress (SCEWC) 2017

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SCEWC 2016

In 2016 YEL sent its first delegation to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona – World’s leading event for Smart Cities. It was a great opportunity for the delegates to join globally influential smart city innovators and discover the vast array of inspirational sessions, keynotes and roundtables at the arena that’s driving Smart Cities forward.

YEL delegation SCEWC 2016

YEL delegation SCEWC 2016.

The SCEWC 2016, took place between the 15th and the 17th of November in Barcelona’s Gran Via Exhibition Centre. The event brought together 600 cities, 591 exhibitors and 420 speaker from five different continents – the biggest ever get-together of municipal authorities in the event’s history. The Congress also had a full conference programme structured into seven themes: Governance, Economy, Society, Sustainability, Mobility, Data and Technology and Security.

YEL delegate Sara Piacentini addressing the conference

YEL delegate Sara Piacentini addressing the SCEWC 2016 conference.

During the 3 days of the Congress, YEL delegates connected with acclaimed speakers and thought leaders from around the World to debate about future visions, goals and challenges to make our cities smarter and more sustainable. YEL delegation joined different plenary sessions such as “Addressing Emerging Challenges of Sustainable Urban Development” and “Collaborative Partnerships to Achieve Common Urban Goals”, as well as participated in dialogue sessions, like “Cities Leading the World of Tomorrow” and “Cities at the Forefront of Refugee’s Integration”.

The main message of the event was “City for citizens”. Many of the speakers highlighted the importance of citizen involvement into cities development and discussed how can city managers promote an active engagement of communities and encourage them to participate in civic life to drive social change. Mr Gutierrez Zuluaga, Mayor of Medellin highlighted that “Social inclusion is crucial for SmartCity development”. It was also discussed that the World has only a handful of truly connected cities, but to empower people and reduce inequality, we must invest more in connecting far more cities to the global supply chains of commerce, enhancing their ability to access the latest knowledge. Parag Khanna, Geo-strategic advisor from Singapore highlighted that “Cities should work together and put their assets in common to grow smart and sustainable”.

Apart of this, delegates had a great opportunity to explore all the latest Smart City projects and technologies that will soon make a difference to people’s lives such as: street lamp capable of monitoring traffic and air quality, autonomous vehicles and cars capable of detecting free parking spots in the city while driving and share that information; headphones designed to allow the blind to move freely in the city and Microsoft HoloLens, an augmented-reality device designed to overlay computer-generated digital images onto the user’s vision in real-time. After the event the YEL delegates felt very inspired and energized to continue their work on Smart Cities projects back home.