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The OECD Week is a major international conference that gathers around 2000 leaders and influencers from all sectors of society (former and current heads of state and government, business and civil society leaders, members of academia and media) every year in Paris, France, to debate the most pressing social and economic challenges confronting society.

YEL at the OECD Forum 2017

YEL will attend the OECD Forum 2017, taking place in Paris in May/June 2017. Watch this space, further details concerning YEL’s delegation will be announced in due course. To stay informed, please sign up to YEL’s Newsletter and / or follow us on social media. Yel @ Nesletter Yel @ LinkedIn Yel @ Facebook Yel @ Twitter Yel @ Flickr Yel @ YouTube

YEL at the OECD Forum 2016

Also in 2016 YEL returned to the OECD Forum taking place in June in Paris. The Forum discussed policies that strengthen productivity in the aftermath of the recent economic crises, and in so doing, promote inclusive and sustainable growth. The program of the conference will be organized around three major issues: Productivity & Inclusive Growth, Innovation and the Digital Economy, International Collaboration. Following the tradition of previous years, YEL coordinated its visit with its global partners and their delegations from Australia, Brazil, and Canada. In addition, YEL’s delegation had the chance to meet with youth delegations from Argentina, New Zealand, and Poland.

For more information about the 105th ILC visit oecd.org/general/oecd-week.htm. For more information about YEL’s global delegations program visit younglead.eu/activities.

Members of YEL and Global Voices delegations at OECD Forum 2016

Members of YEL's delegation at OECD Forum 2016 (left) and together with the delegation from YEL's partner in Australia, Global Voices (right).

YEL at the OECD Forum 2015

OECD Delegation YEL

OECD Delegation of YEL, together with the delegates from YEL's partners Global Attitude (Brazil), Global Voices (Australia), and Young Diplomats of Canada (Canada).

The 2015 Forum center around 4 major themes:

  1. Investment Investment is essential to place economies on sustainable growth paths while addressing inequalities, fostering innovation, helping the transition towards low-carbon economies and financing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  2. People Unemployment increases the risk of poverty, ill health as well as the levels of inequality within our societies. It undermines the confidence and trust of citizens in governments, markets, businesses and institutions at large.
  3. Planet New technologies and business models are essential to help achieve a New Climate Economy, which combines strong economic growth while minimizing impacts on the environment.
  4. Prosperity Ongoing innovation is offering promising solutions to challenges in areas such as health, ageing, climate change, food security, and represents an increasingly significant source of future economic growth.

YEL at the OECD Forum 2014

OECD Delegation YEL

The delegation of YEL at the OECD Forum: Patrick Wei, Marília Cunha, Thomas Nanterme and Barbora Bodnarova.

Intro OECD week 2014.

The 2014 OECD Forum took place 5-6 May and focussed on Inclusive Societies, tackling issues of inclusive growth, quality jobs, trust, and the Better Life Index. See the Forum’s program for more details. In addition, the OECD_IdeaFactory invited selected participants to discuss on key topics such as Addressing the Talent Gap, The Future of the Internet, and Ageing. The input of these sessions fed into the Ministerial Meeting, where government leaders and ministers discuss issues on the global agenda.