Nuclear Knowledge Summit

YEL delegation meeting with Dr. Greg Austin

YEL delegation meeting with Dr. Greg Austin.

The 2014 Nuclear Knowledge Summit (NKS) was the official nongovernment experts summit of the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit (NSS). The Nuclear Knowledge Summit: Towards Sustainable Nuclear Security brought together nuclear experts and NGO participants from all over the world. The purpose is to stay closely to the political agenda of the Nuclear Security Summit, but at the same time look ahead and carry the discussion further. In doing so, topics that are not yet fully covered by the NSS will be explored, such as cyber security and non-civilian stocks of fissile materials. See the NKS website for more details.

YEL delegation meeting with Wolfgang Rudischhauser

YEL delegation meeting with Wolfgang Rudischhauser.

YEL recruited 3 delegates to represent the European Union youth. Before and during the event delegates worked together with international counterparts to maximize the input of aspiring leaders to the global discussions. Delegates met experts and NGO participants from all over the world and gave and gained critical input on topics not yet covered by the NSS. E.g. the delegation joined informal meeting with Wolfgang Martin Rudischhauser (Chair Working Party on Non-proliferation CONOP) and Greg Austin (Professorial Fellow and former Vice President, EastWest Institute). In addition the op-ed “To Bury a Relic is to Free Our Generation: New Impetus for Nuclear Disarmament Now” written by the delegates of YEL was published in IReflect July 2014 (download here).


Lead Delegate


  • Ms. Karlijn Jans Mail LinkedIn
  • Lead Delegate, from the Netherlands
  • Firstly, I hope to extend knowledge on the different subjects regarding nuclear security that will be discussed at the Summit, which I can take with me in my future career. Secondly, the programme and speaker’s list looks very promising. I expect to exchange views, discuss ideas and future actions with the experts as well as my peers. In the margins of the Nuclear Security Summit, where world leaders gather from all over the world to take action to prevent nuclear terrorism, one of the greatest threats to international security, I expect the NKS to stay closely to the political agenda of the Nuclear Security Summit, but at the same time look ahead and carry the discussion further. An open dialogue is key in achieving sustainable solutions.

Core Delegates


  • Mr. Maximilian Alexander Matthias Hoell Mail
  • Delegate, from Germany
  • First, I expect to substantiate my knowledge of sustainable nuclear security through exposure to perspectives novel to me. Second, I regard the NKS as an opportunity to voice the views, ideas and approaches of my generation in order to devise strategies through which the challenge of achieving sustainable nuclear security can be met with innovation and vigour. In this respect, participating in the NKS as a member of the YEL/EU delegation seems particularly promising because the EU—with its 2 Nuclear-Weapon States Britain and France—seems uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role in the creation and implementation of a sustainable nuclear security regime. Third, I regard the NKS as a chance to network with young and established leaders, and to foster understanding and trust between them. This is necessary so that issues of nuclear security can be dealt with seamlessly.


  • Mr. Jozef Andrew Kosc Mail LinkedIn
  • Delegate, from Poland
  • The international protection of nuclear materials in an era of widespread nuclear energy remains one of the most important yet overlooked issues of today. By engaging NGOs, independent private and public experts, as well as other young representatives from around the world at the Nuclear Knowledge Summit, I hope to help shape future public discourse on this pressing issue. While providing my own perspectives on topics such as cyber security, the protection of non-civilian stocks of fissile materials, and the future of global non-proliferation treaties and regulatory sustainable nuclear energy frameworks, I hope to play my small part in providing for a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable nuclear environment.