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YEL Delegation EYE2016The European Youth Event (EYE), organized by the European Parliament. This event brings together thousands of young people from across Europe to debate pressing issues for young Europeans. The EYE gives participants the opportunity to engage with policymakers and high profile speakers from across business and civil society, with results of the discussions presented to the European Parliament. The conference itself combines interactive debates with ideas labs, digital games and events to celebrate the cultural diversity of Europe. Read more about the conference here.

European Youth Event 2018

Young European Leadership is taking part in the European Youth Event 2018 taking place 1-2 June in Strasbourg, France. Read more about the conference here and submit your application below.

Applicant Profile / Requirements

  • You are between 18 and 30 years old at the start of the event. You are a citizen of an EU Member State and/or another European country.
  • You possess relevant background knowledge in one or several areas covered by the conference. This way you can make most of the conference for yourself and the YEL delegation.
  • You are willing to actively contribute to the EYE and represent yourself as well as YEL in a good way. This means dedicating time for research before the conference, active attendance during the conference and also availability afterwards.
  • You are willing to contribute to social media activities of the delegation, e.g. by writing short articles and/or social media posts.
  • You are available to give a short interview to YEL’s media team before, during or after the event.
  • You are willing to cover transportation and accommodation costs. There is no participation fee. Please note that YEL asks for a €10 contribution towards the organisation from all candidates who accept an offer to join a YEL delegation.

Application Process

  • Young European Leadership may conduct interviews during the selection process.
  • Failure to comply with the guidelines may lead to the immediate exclusion of the application process. Young European Leadership reserves the right to exclude individuals from the application process, discharge applicants from any appointments upon being selected, or to take any other steps deemed necessary, in cases such as, but not excluded to, (voluntarily or involuntarily) falsely provided information, unlawful acts in any other regard, disqualifies him- or herself via significant lack of performance or other aspects disqualifying him or her to represent the Young European Leadership.
  • Additional questions? Please contact with the subject EYE 2018: Question Application.
  • Application deadline: Wednesday, November 1st, 2017, 23:59 Brussels time

Application Form

European Youth Event 2016

YEL Delegation EYE2016Young European Leadership (YEL) once again took part in the European Youth Event (EYE), which took place at the European Parliament, in Strasbourg, in May 2016.

Hosted by the European Parliament, thousand of young people from across Europe joined forces to debate security, democratic participation, social exclusion, innovation and sustainability. YEL delegates had the amazing opportunity to engage with policymakers and high profile speakers across business and civil society and the results were disseminated to the European Parliament.

The conference combined interactive debates with idea labs, digital games and a wide variety of events that celebrated Europe’s cultural diversity.

European Youth Event 2014

The European Parliament in Strasbourg opened its doors to thousands of young people from all over the EU and invite them to meet with European decision-makers and speakers with a wide range of professional experience to exchange ideas and perspectives on youth-related issues, develop new, innovative ways and solutions to crucial questions for the future and experience the rich cultural diversity within the European Union through the staging of various cultural performances.

The event thereby fed directly into YEL’s mission and gave the provided the young delegates with the option for direct exchange of European decision makers in the run-up to the elections of the European Parliament. The event ran under the motto “Ideas for a better Europe” in a political, social and cultural sense. Hence activities focussed on five main themes: youth unemployment, digital revolution, future of the European Union, sustainability and European Values.