C20 Summits

C20 group picture

The C20 2015 'family picture'.

The C20 Summits are the official Civil Society outreach programs in line with the annual G20 Summits. The goal of the C20 Summits is to represent the views of national and international civil society towards the G20 Head of States and Governments. Established in 2013, the Summits took place in Russia (2013), Australia (2014), and Turkey (2015). The Summits are organized by a steering committee composed of local and international organizations. The C20 Summit 2015 was attended by 500 civil society representatives from 52 countries.

Young European Leadership participates at the C20 Summit 2015 represented by YEL President Tillmann Heidelk. The C20 process included online pre-consultations open to everybody, a Regional Consultation Forum in Brussels in June 2015, and the official C20 Summit in Istanbul in September 2015. The topics of the C20 Summit were Inclusive Growth, Gender Equality, Sustainability, and Governance. The outcomes of the Summit are available below.

Impressions from the C20 Summit 2015.