Partners and Sponsors

Young European Leadership seeks close partnership with other organizations and institutions from the public and private area. If you would like to collaborate with YEL to support our mission to empower aspiring leaders in Europe and beyond please contact us. We are always interested in hearing from you.


Logo UNF
United Nations Foundation Contact @ UNF UNF @ LinkedIn UNF @ facebook UNF @ Twitter UNF @ YouTube
The UN Foundation is an advocate for the UN and a platform for connecting people, ideas, and resources to help the United Nations solve global problems. The UNF builds partnerships, grow constituencies, mobilize resources and advocate policy changes to support the UN’s work for individual and global progress. YEL collaborated with the UNF for the Social Good Summits and is very grateful for the UNF‘s generous financial support of YEL’s delegates to the Summit ’14.

MEININGER Hotels is the unique combination of service and comfort of a hotel and the open, uncomplicated approach of a hostel! Since 2014 YEL collaborates with MEININGER Hotels for the annual Young European Councils and is very grateful for the MEININGER‘s generous financial and logistic support.

Logo Podio
Podio Contact @ Podio Podio @ LinkedIn Podio @ facebook Podio @ Twitter
With the power of Podio, our web-based crm platform our team can effectively work together from anywhere, to escape email overload, alleviate document chaos and much more. Get structured with Podio‘s easily modified workspaces and apps, so you and your team can work the way you want to.

Logo SmartGantt
SmartGantt SmartGantt @ LinkedIn SmartGantt @ facebook SmartGantt @ Twitter
Take Project Management in Podio to the next level by utilizing the Power of SmartGantt. Get better overviews, enjoy the ease of planning and faster changes of e.g. dates with SmartGantt. Increase the power and ease of working with projects in Podio by using SmartGantt together with Podio.

Logo WebMerge
WebMerge WebMerge @ LinkedIn WebMerge @ facebook WebMerge @ Twitter
WebMerge is an online document generation platform that allows you to easily collect data, merge it with a document and send it to any contact automatically.

Logo ULB
Université libre de Bruxelles / Free University of Brussels Contact @ ULB ULB @ LinkedIn ULB @ facebook ULB @ Twitter ULB @ YouTube
ULB supported YEL by providing their facilities during the Youth European Leadership Workshops ’14 or the European Council Forum ’13 and European Council Forum ’14 for free.

Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union
The aim of this programme is to contribute to citizens’ understanding of the EU, its history and diversity, and to foster European citizenship and improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level.
The YEL Discussion Forum on migration is co-financed by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

Partners and Collaborators

Logo EP
The European Parliament Contact @ EP EP @ LinkedIn EP @ facebook EP @ Twitter EP @ YouTube
The European Parliament is a key decision-maker at the EU level. The Members of the European Parliament are directly elected by voters in all Member States to represent people’s interests with regard to EU law-making and to make sure other EU institutions are working democratically. The Parliament acts as a co-legislator, sharing with the Council the power to adopt and amend legislative proposals and to decide on the EU budget. It also supervises the work of the Commission and other EU bodies and cooperates with national parliaments of EU countries to get their input.
In 2016, YEL’s project the Young European Council was held under the High Patronage of the European Parliament, a privilege granted exclusively by the Presidency of the European Parliament.

The Slovak Presidency in the Council of the European Union SKPRES @ facebook SKPRES @ Twitter SKPRES @ YouTube
The Slovak Presidency in the Council of the European Union is part of the rotating presidencies in the Council, which is the main decision making body in the EU next to the European Parliament. During the six month, the presidency drives the progress in the institution. The priorities of the Slovak Presidency were (1) an economically strong Europe, (2) a modern single market, (3) a sustainable migration and asylum policies, and (4) a globally engaged Europe.
In 2016, YEL’s project the Young European Council was held under the patronage of the Slovak Presidency in the Council of the European Union.

Debating Europe
Debating Europe is the platform where you can debate the issues you care about with European politicians and experts. YEL partners with Debating Europe for the YEL Discussion Forum on migration.

The International Diplomatic Engagement Association (The IDEA) The IDEA @ LinkedIn The IDEA @ facebook The IDEA @ Twitter
Young European Leadership is one out of 20 globally dispersed not for profit organizations and think tanks striving to give young people a strong voice. Together we form The International Diplomatic Engagement Association (The IDEA) to raise crucial issues to global leaders, especially in the G7/G8 and the G20 members. The goal is to add value to current agendas and to contribute young and innovative solutions. The IDEA is the only organization in the world that is fully and solely committed to these goals.

Young Diplomats of Canada Contact @ YDC YCD @ LinkedIn YDC @ facebook YDC @ Twitter YDC @ YouTube
YEL partners with the Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) at the annual Y7 and Y20 Summits, the OECD Forum and the Nuclear Knowledge Summit.

Pandeia Contact @ Pandeia Pandeia @ facebook Pandeia @ Twitter
Pandeia is a European youth journalism platform; giving a voice to youth issues and an arena for youth media organizations. Pandeia releases regular content around news, comment, culture, current affairs, and specifically reflecting on issues that matter to young people in Europe and beyond. Pandeia is an official Media Partner of Young European Leadership in line with the Young European Council 2015.

G(irls)20 Contact @ G(irls)20 G(irls)20 @ facebook G(irls)20 @ Twitter G(irls)20 @ YouTube
YEL partners with G(irls)20 to bring aspiring leaders in the position to speak up and give critical input to global policy making, especially in the G20 arena.

1989 Generation Initiative Contact @ 1989 1989 @ LinkedIn 1989 @ facebook 1989 @ Twitter
The 1989 Generation Initiative seeks to articulate a unifying mission for the European Union, its member states and citizens reflected in eight specific proposals for policy reform.

Logo OurSpace
OurSpace OS @ LinkedIn OS @ facebook OS @ Twitter OS @ YouTube OS @ Flickr

Logo FLE
FutureLab Europe Contact @ FLE FLE @ LinkedIn FLE @ facebook FLE @ Twitter FLE @ YouTube

Logo E&M
Europe & Me Contact @ E&M E&M @ LinkedIn E&M @ facebook E&M @ Twitter E&M @ YouTube

Young Initiative on Foreign Affairs and International Relations (IFAIR) Contact @ IFAIR IFAIR @ facebook IFAIR @ Twitter

Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA) Contact @ BETA BETA @ LinkedIn BETA @ facebook BETA @ Twitter

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) Contact @ YPFP YPFP @ LinkedIn YPFP @ facebook YPFP @ Twitter YPFP @ flickr YPFP @ YouTube
YEL collaborated with YPFP for the transatlantic writing opportunity in Fall 2013.

Unión Argentina de Jóvenes Empresarios Contact @ UNAJE UNAJE  @ LinkedIn UNAJE  @ facebook UNAJE  @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing the Argentine Republic in The IDEA

Global Voices
Global Voices Contact @ GV GV  @ facebook GV  @ Twitter YEL @ YouTube
YEL’s partner representing the Commonwealth of Australia in The IDEA

Global Attitude
Global Attitude Contact @ GA GA  @ facebook GA  @ Twitter YEL @ YouTube
YEL’s partner representing the Federative Republic of Brazil in The IDEA

Lead Your Way Contact @ LYW
YEL’s partner representing the People’s Republic of China in The IDEA

Open Diplomacy
Open Diplomacy Contact @ OD OD @ facebook OD @ Twitter OD @ YouTube
YEL’s partner representing the French Republic in The IDEA

Policy Innovation Contact @ PI PI @ facebook PI @ Twitter YEL @ YouTube
YEL’s partner representing the Federal Republic of Germany in The IDEA

Youth for Policy & Dialogue Contact @ YPDI YPDI @ facebook YPDI @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing the Republic of India in The IDEA

Indonesia Youth Diplomacy Contact @ IYD IYD @ facebook IYD @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing the Republic of Indonesia in The IDEA

Young Ambassador Society Contact @ YAS YAS @ LinkedIn YAS @ facebook YAS @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing the Italian Republic in The IDEA

G8 & G20 Youth Summits Japan Contact @ G8G20Japan G8G20Japan @ facebook G8G20Japan @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing Japan in The IDEA

Onceporciento OP @ facebook OP @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing the United Mexican States in The IDEA

J8 Club Russia Contact @ J8C J8C @ facebook J8C @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing the Russian Federation in The IDEA

Saudi Youth at the Y20 Contact @ SY
YEL’s partner representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in The IDEA

South African Youth in International Diplomacy Contact @ P23 P23 @ facebook
YEL’s partner representing the Republic of South Africa in The IDEA

Youth Global Leadership of Korea Contact @ YGLK YGLK @ facebook YGLK @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing the Republic of Korea in The IDEA

Youth Commission for Diplomacy and Collaboration Contact @ YCDC YCDC @ facebook YCDC @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing Turkey in The IDEA

Future Leaders Network Contact @ YDS YDS @ facebook YDS @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing the United Kingdom in The IDEA

Young Americans for Diplomatic Leadership Contact @ YADL YADL @ facebook YADL @ Twitter
YEL’s partner representing the United States of America in The IDEA