The Staff of Young European Leadership

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Our team

Young European Leadership’s contributors come from all over Europe and beyond. Our backgrounds are as diverse as where we come from and where we currently live. However the vision of a strong and empowered youth and a strong, diverse and united Europe drives us to bridge these differences.

We are united in diversity.


  • Name Tillmann Heidelk   
  • Citizenship Germany
  • Activities President of YEL and the Executive Board




  • Name Eloïse Ryon  
  • Citizenship French
  • Activities Chief Executive Officer and member of the Executive Board

Name / Citizenship Activity
Casey Miller from the USA    COP 23 (Project Leader)
Claudia Scandol from Australia, the United Kingdom and Italy   Communications Officer
Cristoforo Simonetta from Italy   Young European Council ’17
Csilla Bugárová from Slovakia    Young European Council ’17
Delphine Joos from Belgium   Fundraising Officer, Young European Council ’16, European Business Summit ’17
Edoardo Caroli from Italy   European Development Days ’16 (Project Leader), Young European Council ’15-’17, YEL Discussion Forum on migration ’17
Frida Hoffmann from Hungary   Young European Council ’17
Gentiana Fana from Croatia   Young European Council ’17
Gracelin Baskaran from the USA    Young European Council ’17
Jakub-Josef Malhocký from Czech Republic   Young European Council ’17
Jelena Kiselova from Latvia    On maternity leave; Eat & Meet London ’15, European Young Professionals Summit ’16
Khouloud Jabloun from Tunisia    Treasury Officer, Young European Council ’15, former Treasurer and former member of the Executive Board
Lukas Heinrich from Germany   Communications Officer (Focus: IT)
Michela Siuni from Italy   Communications Officer (Focus: Social Media)
Natalia Kobza from Poland   Director of Delegations, European Circular Economy Conference ’16 (Project Leader), European Business Summit ’16 (Project Leader), Smart City Expo and World Congress ’16 (Project Leader)
Olivia-Kelly Lonkeu from France   Y7/20 Summits ’17 (Project Leader)
Patrick Held from Germany   Communications Officer (Focus: Media Production)
Patrick Wei from France   OECD Forum ’14-’16 (Project Leader), Social Good Summit ’14 (Project Leader), European Youth Event ’14 (Project Leader), Youth European Leadership Workshops ’14, World Bank Group / IMF Meetings ’14
Radoslav Šoth from Slovakia   Co-Founder of Young European Leadership, EU Liaison Officer, former Treasurer and former member of the Executive Board, Youth European Leadership Workshops ’14, European Council Forum ’13 and ’14, EU Delegation Journey ’13
Sabina Lim from Germany and Australia   Young European Council ’17
Sarah Van Buggenhout from Belgium   Treasury Officer
Sarah Maina from Kenya   Young European Council ’16, ’17, YEL Discussion Forum on migration ’17
Solène Baque from France   Fundraising Officer
Timm Schulze from Germany    Young European Council ’17
Tom Stevens from Belgium   Young European Council ’16, ’17
Triin Bõstrov from Estonia HR Officer
Victoria Campbell from the UK and Canada   Young European Council ’17 (Project Leader)
Victoria Delettre from Belgium   Legal Advisor
Virginija Balčiūnaitė from Lithuania    Communications Officer (Focus: Social Media)
Zsofia Rendik from Hungary   Fundraising Officer

Additional Contributors

  • Alexander Pfeiffer (Germany)
  • Jean Compte (France)

Past Contributors

  • Adam Carey (USA)
  • Agathe Demarais (France)
  • Alexandra Blickling (Germany)
  • Alexandra Rollin (UK)
  • Alexander Poignant (Sweden)
  • Ali Haxhijaj (USA)
  • Ana Teresa Roios (Portugal)
  • Andrew Glenister (United Kingdom)
  • Angelina Avricevic (Lithuania)
  • Ania Ankowska (Poland)
  • Anders Taube (Sweden)
  • Balazs Kos (Hungary)
  • Chiara Adriaenssens (Belgium)
  • Chiara Soletti (Italy)
  • Daniele Liberatori (Italy)
  • Elena Erez (USA)
  • Emanuela Midolo (Italy)
  • Emiel Haeghebaert (Belgium)
  • Emma Wiesner (Sweden)
  • Flóra Rétfalvi (Hungary)
  • Giovanni Caccavello (Italy)
  • Izidora Skračić (Croatia)
  • Jeroen Stevens (Belgium)
  • József Varga (Hungary)
  • Julien Terragnolo (France, Italy)
  • Justina Zelvyte (Lithuania)
  • Karlijn Jans (the Netherlands)
  • Kevin Mendeszoon (the Netherlands)
  • Kiran Gupta (Ireland)
  • Linda Šlapáková (Czech Republic)
  • Ludivine Félix (France)
  • Mara Pinkert (Germany)
  • Mathieu Goffinet (Belgium)
  • Mila Vasiuk (Ukraine)
  • Milena Michalovcik (Serbia)
  • Nadia Tjahja (Belgium and the Netherlands)
  • Nicole Bogott (Germany)
  • Rozh Rasul (Iraq)
  • Sabina Kravcakova (Slovakia)
  • Simona Falanga (Italy)
  • Simona Pronckutė (Lithuania)
  • Sofia Clementi (Italy)
  • Tirza Chessa (Portugal)
  • Valentin Gros (France)
  • Vasileios Tsianos (Greece)
  • Yannick Somauroo (France and Mauritius)
  • Zana Nanic (Croatia)