FAQ: Application for YEL Team

What does “volunteer position” mean / are the positions paid?

YEL is run entirely by volunteers. None of the positions is paid / remunerated.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes, you can.

Can I apply even if I am not a EU citizen?

Yes, nationality is not a limitation.

Do I have to live in Brussels?

No, our team is spread across many countries. However, if you apply for a programming position, being in Europe is a great advantage. If a position requires to be in or close to Brussels it will be mentioned explicitly in the description of the position.

When will I hear back from you concerning my application?

We are reviewing applications on a rolling base and thoroughly assess them. Nevertheless, it may take some time until we will get back to you with a reply. Thank you for your patience.

I struggle to submit my application form

Consider the following troubleshooting:

  • Error in the form In case you are having problems submitting the form and the site does not react after you press submit, check if any of the cells turned yellow. If this is the case it means some input is missing/incorrect and the form is not able to validate them e.g. invalid email, wrong phone format, not clicked ‘attached’ for the link etc. In this case correct the relevant cells and click submit again.
  • Excessive attachments If you are not able to submit the form and no cell is yellow after you click submit, then you might be experiencing problems with the attachments. Few solutions for you to consider is to upload you attachments to Google Drive, Dropbox or such alike and send us the link in the form (use the comment field). For videos, consider uploading them on YouTube, vimeo, etc. If none of the other options work you may also email us your attachments directly to apply@younglead.eu, subject “Application YEL: [Your name, position(s) you are applying for]“. We will make sure all your materials is included in your file.
  • No solution yet? If you are still experiencing issues with the online form, send your application via email: click here to download the application form as Excel sheet, complete all columns with your information, and send it to us via email to apply@younglead.eu, subject “Application YEL: [Your name, position(s) you are applying for]“. We will upload your application in the system manually.