Young European Leadership’s contributors come from all over Europe and beyond. Our backgrounds are as diverse as where we come from and where we currently live.

Tillmann Heidelk

Tillmann Heidelk is co-founder and President of Young European Leadership (YEL), an international nonprofit and nonpartisan organisation dedicated to empowering young leaders. Tillmann oversees the organisational growth, partnerships, and develops programs such as the annual Young European Council which won the 3rd European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016 and took place under several high level patronages such as the Council of the EU. Tillmann is also pursuing his PhD in Economics where he specialises on labour economics. He has 5 years experience working in international organisations, is the recipient of highly competitive grants, and was asked to join the World Bank before finishing his master studies. Tillmann is passionate about youth empowerment, gender equality, coaching and mentoring, Europe’s future, innovation, traveling, and photography.

Eloise Ryon

Originally from a legal background, Eloïse is currently studying a postgraduate Master of Arts in European Politics and Governance studies at the College of Europe in Bruges. She has been the Chief Executive Officer of Young European Leadership since February 2020 after two years as Delegations Director.

Diana Carter

Diana is passionate about empowering young people, in particular in driving initiatives to tackle climate change. As Treasurer and Board member of YEL, Diana helps to guide and support the team. Diana holds a masters in Management from HEC Paris, and a BA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford. She currently works at the nexus of business and technology, enabling companies of all sizes to use cloud CRM to achieve their business goals. Diana speaks English, French, Spanish and some German. 

Yoann Duperthuy

Yoann is part of YEL’s comms team. He is a French citizen living in Dublin for almost 2 years. He is a business school graduate. He has an extensive PR and communications background, and has worked in the media and the tech industries, and in the public sector. He is passionate about politics, international relations and political PR.

Sonia Stoyanova

Sonia is one of YEL’s two Communications Officers. She is finishing her BA in European Studies with focus on European law. As a Communications Officer, Sonia is responsible for our social media channels, namely Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Her background and understanding of European institutions help her convey the importance of European values to our community .

Pauline Kühlwein

Pauline is YEL’s Delegation Officers. She is finishing her BA in General Management and works for a consulting company. As a Delegation Officer, she is involved with all delegations of the organization. Pauline is enthusiastically dedicated to empowering young people in diverse fields.

Beatrice Bucht

Luiza Nita