Young European Leadership seeks to expand its team. We are looking for proactive and reliable team players who enjoy working in an international environment.

Young European Leadership seeks to expand its team. We are looking for proactive and reliable team players who enjoy working in an international environment. You join a team which is widely dispersed with highly dedicated team members who work almost entirely online from wherever they are. Being part of YEL’s Staff gives you a great opportunity to leverage and extend your leadership skills, to deepen and expand your skills set needed to excel in a global job market, and to connect with driven peers as well as global policy makers.

Communications Officer

As Communications Officer, you have practical experience running social media campaigns across multiple channels. You are a creative person who enjoys experimenting with different ways to engage an audience. You are a strong communicator who is able to articulate the relevance of EU / international affairs to young people.

You will be responsible for promoting YEL events, delegations and calls for applications across our online platforms (YEL website, YEL newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube). You should have strong written English and experience with photo and video editing. You should be flexible, adaptable and reactive. The position requires a commitment of about 3-5 hours in a regular week.

Web Designer

As a Web Designer, you will work closely with the Communications team, managing all aspects of creating, editing, and maintaining the official website of Young European Leadership. The job involves understanding both graphic design and computer programming. As a candidate, you should possess very strong IT skills (including HTML, CSS, Version Control Systems, Python programming language), English skills, the ability to familiarise yourself quickly with new technical settings, and very high attention to detail.

Subject to your interest and time you may also engage in other activities of YEL or contribute to a more comprehensive overhauling of YEL’s online presence. The position requires committing about 5-10 hours in a regular week.

Graphic Designer

As graphic designer, you would take the lead on creating the visual material YEL uses in its external and internal communications, e.g. banners, pictures, advertisement, brochures, and any other related material. The position offers great room for creativity. You should be familiar with programs such as Photoshop or InDesign.

The position requires to commit about 3-5 hours in a regular week.

Brussels Programming Officers

As Brussels Programming Officer, you would lead coordination of local YEL events and develop partnerships with Brussels-based organizations to support YEL’s activities more broadly. You would also be responsible for coordinating delegates in Brussels during local conferences and training weekends.

For this role, you should be able to demonstrate an ability to multitask and solve unexpected challenges. You are good at building interpersonal connections and identifying collaboration opportunities, and ideally have experience developing relationships with partners or sponsors.

The position requires to be in or close to Brussels. The position requires a commitment of about 3-5 hours in a regular week and more right before/during events.

Fundraising Officer

As Fundraising Officer, you will lead collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer on partnerships for sponsorship (both in-kind and financial). Your tasks will be to research potential sponsorship and fundraising opportunities, reach out to potential partners (Events organizers for events that YEL attends, other youth organisation, private companies with values in line with YEL, international and european institutions…). You will work closely with the Events Officer and the Communications Officers and as well as the Brussels Programming team to ensure a coordinated approach to partnerships and systematic follow up of opportunities.

The position requires leadership experience, strategic thinking, strong communication skills and fluent English. Previous fundraising experience is an asset. The position requires a commitment of about 3-5 hours in a regular week.

Events Officer

As Events Officer, you will be in charge of researching events that YEL could attend, contact the events organizers to present YEL and secure places for young people to attend. Therefore your role will mainly consist of outreach but you will also work closely with the Deputy Director for Delegations of YEL to launch the call for applications as well as select delegates. You will also be in charge to create long term relationships with events organizers. This position requires you to be outgoing, creative, able to represent YEL, and excellent English communication skills. This position requires a commitment of 3-5 hours per week.

Human Ressources Assistant

As HR Assistant, you will work closely with all members of the organization at Young European Leadership, handling recruitment of new team members and supporting the skills development of current YEL Staff with the guidance and support of the HR Officer. You will also assist with the implementation of the alumni engagement strategy. As a candidate, you should enjoy communicating with people and possess basic knowledge or experience with HR, and strong English skills.

The position requires committing about 3-5 hours in a regular week.

Application Form

Please complete all fields of the application form and attach your CV of maximum two pages in English. You may also attach any other material you deem relevant for your application, e.g. portfolios (esp. for web designer application), overview of past experience, letters of recommendation, etc. All applicants will be reviewed on a rolling base. Successful candidates will be invited to one or more interviews. Please provide an email address which is not tied to an institution (university, workplace, etc.) and monitor it closely.
Incomplete applications can not be considered. For questions please contact, subject “Application YEL: [Your name, position(s) you are applying for]”. We are looking forward to receiving your application!

Note: The application form does not autosave input. It is highly suggested to pre-write any answers beforehand offline. In case you cannot see any application below or face other struggle, click here.