Meet the President of the European Commission Sabina Kravcakova to the Y8 Summit

See Sabina Kravcakova, the President of the Commission of the European Union to the Y8 Summit 2013, talking about her motivation, role, and responsibility within the Delegation of the European Union to this year’s Y8 Summit 2013.

Why we do that? Because we care! Because we are the change we want to see!

Together with more than 150 other young driven people Sabina and her Y8 delegation will gather in London from June 24 to June 28. Follow them on Flickr, facebook, twitter, and youtube!

Sabina Kravcakova President of the Commission of the European Union.

A clear message by the EU G20 Sherpa Team to all Y8 and Y20 Delegates

Florian Köbele from the G20 Sherpa Team of the European Union has a clear message to the Delegates of the Y8 Summit in London and the Y20 Summit in St. Petersburg. He strongly encourages the young representatives:

First of all, be interested! Don’t be indifferent because all this is about you! [...] Showing interest, understanding what is happening, following what is happening, is your responsibility! [...] You will see how difficult policy making is but also how important it is to be involved, by being interested!

Moreover Köbele underscores his hopes that the youth will contribute a common message “that adds value and does not repeat what the G20 governments are already struggling on anyway – but something new, something innovative,” which can then feed into the process. Watch the full interview here on YEL’s Youtube Channel!

European Union G20 Sherpa Assistant Florian Köbele sends a clear message to the Delegates of the Y8 and Y20 Summits.