Welcome Croatia and First Impressions from Brussels

The Prime Minister of Belgium Elio Di Rupo on the role of young people in delivering new ideas, innovative approaches to pressing societal issues, and leadership.

Young European Leadership is very proud to announce that for YEL Croatia joins the European Union a bit earlier than for everybody else. At the meeting of The International Diplomatic Engagement Association in February 2013, all members agreed that Young European Leadership may send also citizens from Croatia as representatives of our European generation. And indeed, Izidora Skracic from Croatia excelled in the very competitive recruitment process and joins the EU Delegation 2013, representing the European Union at the Y8 Summit in London. She also joined the Delegation Journey 2013 in Brussels, first impressions below.

Insights into the meetings and preparatory events, which took place in Brussels.

The Delegation Journey of the European Union to Brussels

The members of Young European Leadership came together in Europe’s capital Brussels. They implemented the Y8 & Y20 European Union Delegation Journey 2013 that was organised in cooperation with Youth Diplomacy and the Young Ambassadors Society. The event took place between May 16 and May 19. It is an expression of the strong and active ties between our organisations. The Delegates of the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom to the Y8 Summit in London and the Y20 Summit 2013 in Saint Petersburg came together to prepare for the Summits. Our members established and facilitated the exchange between the young diplomats and experienced global policymakers. The delegates met several Members of the European Parliament, NATO Senior Defense Economist Adrian Kendry, the G20 Sherpa of the European Union António Jose Cabral, and the Prime Minister of Belgium Elio Di Rupo at Palais du Lambermont. The delegates got the chance to practice their negotiation and public speaking skills in a European Council Simulation with participants from over 15 countries. Young European Leadership is proud to have met so many so driven Young Leaders.

YEL at Palais du Lambermont

Members of Young European Leadership. From left to right: Radoslav Šoth, Flóra Rétfalvi, Tillmann Heidelk, Jeroen Stevens, Diana Carter, Karlijn Jans, and Nicole Bogott.